October Newsletter

The long overdue Oct Newsletter is finally here!!! This issue is a collection of the blog posts about our trip to Taiwan. Please also check out what Ying has to say. You can find the link to the right of this blog —>


GJM Luen Thai receives award from Ann Inc.

VivAsia would like to congratulate our partner, GJM Luen Thai, for receiving the Most Committed To Environmental Sustainability award from AT Connect, a program of Ann Inc (you might be more familiar with the store names of Ann Taylor and Loft). We are very pleased to be associated with such an environmentally and socially conscious organization. To learn more about this program go to this responsibliy ann web site.


Most committed to environmental sustainability _AT connect 2014


VivAsia celebrates Diwali

In a nutshell, Diwali is a festival of physical and spiritual light celebrated on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartika. Diwali, also known as Deepavali signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair (quoted from Jean Mead, How and Why do Hindus Celebrate Divali). Needless to say VivAsia joined in the celebration with songs and dances of traditional Indian music to Bollywood style flash mob dance. Diwali


What happened in Taiwan – Demos in Taipei and Taichung

Apart from doing the workshop, we were also very busy giving demo sessions at various locations in Taipei and Taichung. From CCU trainees to SetTV’s actor and actress trainees, to long-time group exercise instructors at TaiChung’s YMCA, to China Motor employees, everyone enjoyed the action packed 50 minutes demo session. They all walked away exhausted yet energized and definitely with smiles on their faces. There were neither age nor gender restrictions, each participant had the opportunity to experience a variety of dance styles including K-pop, C-pop, Bollywood, Kung-fu dancing and more. Music and dance brought people together to share the fitness dancing fun! At the end, everybody had a good time.


This trip allowed us to explore different opportunities within universities (Chinese Cultural University and Da Yeh University), organizations (Taichung YMCA and SetTV station), and corporation (China Motor – a manufacturer for Mitsubishi) for VivAsia to become their future wellness program partner. Together we can help reach the goal of promoting healthy lifestyle and improving both physical and mental health.  We look forward to our next visit to Taiwan to deliver more VivAsia Instructor trainings as well as inspiring those to teach classes and create more impact to the community.


What Happened in Taiwan – Training at CCU

Riding on the recent success in Hong Kong and China, we changed our focus to Taiwan in the month of August.  Ying Mitchell (VivAsia creator), Sophia Tsay (VivAsia dance Instructor) and Corinna Shi (VivAsia Lotus Instructor) went on a two-week road show to promote VivAsia and to train new instructors. This trip definitely opened up new and different opportunities.

3-day workshop at Chinese Cultural University,
School of Continuing Education
August 13, 15, 16 2014

Universities are among the most natural places to offer VivAsia Instructor Training classes. We are very pleased to be able to partner with CCU in Taipei to have a 3-day VivAsia training workshop. The intensive training included both academic and technical knowledge about group exercise, understanding of the human body, and practical exam for participants to practice and to apply what they learned from the 3-day workshop. The outcome was very encouraging. It was impressive to see how the students accomplished their objectives in a short period of time. They learned the various VivAsia dance steps, they learned how to lead a group, and how to teach a class with all the required skills. Hats off to all the students and thanks to all the personnel at CCU which made this collaborative effort possible.


We are most interested in continuing this collaboration. Hopefully these classes will be offered at CCU School of Continuing Education on a regular basis in the not too distant future. Thanks Nydia for meeting up with us and making all the arrangements!



“Dance for Health” Promotion Project at PLK

The literal translation of “Po Leung” is “to protect the good and the innocent”. Po Leung Kuk 保良局 (PLK) was founded in 1878 by a group of local Chinese to counter the rampant abduction and trafficking of women and children in Hong Kong during that era. It is one of the earliest non-profit organizations in the British colony and it still is the most active community and social service organization.
Today, PLK has expanded into a multifaceted charity service provider, including welfare, educational, cultural and recreational services. One of the most pronounced services caters to the aging population in Hong Kong. According to the world bank data, in the year 2014, over 14% of Hong Kong’s population is 65 or older. The percentage is going to increase to 26% by 2036. In light of this steady increase, providing services for the elderly is an important priority for PLK. VivAsia is honored that the Lotus fitness program has been chosen as one of their fitness programs in the PLK community centers all around Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.
Back in June, VivAsia team trained over 20 PLK employees to become Lotus instructors (see blog post dated June 7, 2014). After a couple of months of intensive practice and hard work, 12 PLK community centers rolled out multiple classes per week to serve from 154 to 282 elders. Here is their schedule:

單位名稱 地區 開始日期 星期 時間 參加人數
劉陳小寶長者地區中心 觀塘 8/1/2014 逢星期三至五  9:15-9:45am 10名
劉陳小寶長者地區中心 觀塘 8/5/2014 逢星期二及四 9:15-9:45am 10名
方譚遠良健樂中心 觀塘 8/13/14  三, 五  9:30-10:00am 10名
觀塘 8/5/2014 逢星期二、四 10:45-11:30am 16名
西環 8/11/2014 逄星期一、三 (一)10:30-11:00am
黃祐祥紀念耆暉中心 將軍澳 8/11/2014 逢星期一、四 (星期一) 3:30-4:00pm
曹金霖夫人耆暉中心 青衣 8/20/2014 逢星期三、四 9:30-10:15am  8名
張麥珍耆樂中心 鑽石山 9/2/2014 逢星期二、五 3:45-4:45am  8名
溫林美賢耆暉中心 九龍城 8/7/2014 逢星期四 10:30-11:45am 10名
田家炳長幼天地 沙田 8/11/2014 逢星期一、三 9:30-10:00am 10名
莊啟程耆暉中心 將軍澳 8/10/2014 逢星期三、五 9:00-9:30am 16名
劉陳小寶耆暉中心 觀塘樂華 8/14/2014 逢星期四 (一)9:30-9:50am
盧邱玉霜耆暉中心 油麻地 8/26/2014 逢星期二、三 9:00-9:30am  8名

If you live in Hong Kong please check out these Lotus classes. We are very pleased with the number of classes being offered at PLK. If you belong to an organization serving the elderly population, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the Lotus program. Let’s work towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle for all.


GJM Launching a VivAsia Wellness Program

VivAsia 第一期舞蹈兴趣班通知_500x749

Let’s dance on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7:30pm. That is if you are lucky enough to be an employee of GJM, a Luen Thai Company in Panyu, China. After less than 2 months of intense practices and planning, we at VivAsia are very pleased to announce the launching of this dance class at GJM. The talented and hard working instructors we trained back in June are now ready to accept the challenge to teach!

We are particularly excited about this launch as it is VivAsia very first partnership with a corporation. We are hopeful that this will lead to many more cooperations with factories around the globe. What’s better than to offer your hardworking employees a very healthy and fun activity that also leads to cultural awareness?

From our fearless leader of this GJM program, Maria Lee, we learnt of the great interest in signing up for this after hour classes. There were over 90 employees registered way before launch date. In view of the high participation rate, an additional class is being offered per week. Two at the studio with 20 students per class and one at the training room with 10 students per class. Basically they are serving 50 people per week right from the start. This is a very impressive first attempt! We will keep you posted on their progress. In the mean time here are some pictures of their inaugural class on July 21st, 2014 and subsequent sessions.



Newsletter published!

The July Newsletter is now ready for your enjoyment. This issue is a collection of the blog posts about our training trip to Hong Kong and China. There is also a summary of the training program including a list of important points in teaching a class. You can find the link to the right of this blog —>


China Luen Thai GJM Dance Instructor Training

June 9 – June 10 2014


As part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, Luen Thai is offering a health dance program to their employees in their Panyu GJM garment factory. This benefit is for all employees including office and factory workers.

GJM offers its employees a number of health programs, such as breast exam classes, cholesterol testing and many others. VivAsia is deeply honored to be an addition to GJM wellness programs.


The fabulous Nine

To the nine volunteers that donated their time to make this program possible: your effort is appreciated by your company, your colleagues, and by us in VivAsia. We applaud your dedication. Thank you Maria for your fervor and your support of the program. Without your advocacy, this wouldn’t have happened. Andrea, thanks for tirelessly serving as a liaison and taking such good care of us. Thank you 童蕊 for joining this effort. You are a big inspiration and such a natural dancer. Thank you Connie for helping Maria with all the logistics. Thank you Maggie and Suky for showing us the importance of eating right and exercising. Your lunch boxes were amazing. Thank you 娟 for showing us how to incorporate belly dancing into VivAsia. Thank you Wing and 美玲 for your youthful energy and your support of each other. Last but not least, we want to thank you Anne for making this possible.


Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk Lotus Instructor Training

June 4 – June 6 2014


The Amazing PLK Group


 VivAsia went global in the month of June! Our business team arrived in Hong Kong to conduct our very first 20 personnel intensive 3-day training sessions. We were received by boundless enthusiasm and great warmth.


Derek, Sandy and Maymay swinging with ribbon.

The trainees were all PLK employees from the 12 different senior centers. They had different levels of dance experience, they were of different age groups, but they were all great performers! They pleasantly surprised us by their ability to effortlessly present a program in front of an audience. Their skills to engage and grab attention from the participants were very impressive. They were given a very challenging test on the third day and the results were more than satisfactory. They had to come up with a new dance routine, cue and teach a class using a song that’s no less than 3 minutes. This is not easy even for veteran instructors! The variety

of songs they chose, the funny and yet safety-conscious cueing methods they employed were all commendable. Their energy and passion were contagious, their diligence and support of their peers exemplary. Thank you for making the training most engaging and fulfilling for us